TALON Building Automation

Today’s buildings are becoming increasingly complex. Building automation systems don’t just control the basics. They regulate airflow, monitor energy use and are being called upon to integrate with security, lighting, and other systems throughout buildings to deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Choosing a TALON® system can help you get the most out of your building, today and tomorrow.

TALON Open Communications provides more options

With the TALON system you can:

  • Access Building Information from Anywhere – The TALON system’s versatile user interface allows any authorized users to control their building environment from a Web browser or wireless Web device.
  • Control Energy Costs – You can actively manage your facility’s energy consumption while maintaining an optimum work environment for building occupants.
  • Optimize Manpower – Email and pager equipment status alerts allow you to maximize fast response and minimize effort used managing building system information.
  • Preserve Legacy System Investments – The TALON control system has control system migration options to eliminate the need to replace already-installed controls.

Honeywell Solutions

The core of Honeywell Buildings offerings is the WEBs-AX automation controllers.  Built on the NiagaraAX framework, WEBs-AX controllers provide an open communication solution for web-enabled buildings.

Field Integration

The WEBs-AX open systems allow for integration to third-party devices via BACnet®, Modbus®, and oBIX.

Select from a full range of Honeywell components for a completely inter-operable system.